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Download and Installation Questions

  • 102 How do I install Mypcbackup?

    To install Mypcbackup simply visit and run the installer. Use your logins to complete the signup wizard and you are ready to back up. Last Update: 02/20/2013

  • 45 How do I know Mypcbackup is installed?

    If you have succesfully installed Mypcbackup onto your computer you will notice two desktop icons and a system tray icon. If you click on the system tray icon or double click on the desktop icon your application will open.

    On a Mac you will see the Mypcbackup icon in your Applications folder through Finder. You can always drag or pin the launcher to your dock if you wish. Last Update: 02/20/2013

  • 54 What operating systems does Mypcbackup run on?

    Mypcbackup works on the following operating systems:

    Windows 8
    Windows 8 RT
    Windows 7
    Windows Vista
    Windows XP
    Mac OS X 10.5+
    Debian Linux
    Windows Phone 8
    Kindle Fire

    If your cell phone isn't yet supported you can access backed up files through our mobile site Last Update: 05/13/2013

  • 30 How can I find out what version of Mypcbackup I have installed?

    To find out which version of Mypcbackup you are running please open your desktop application and check out the version number in the right hand corner just below the Settings and Help tabs.

    You are also able to view the app version you have installed on a device in the control panel,, By clicking 'MY DEVICES' in the left sidebar you are taken to an overview table of all your devices and the app version they have installed. If that app version is out of date a small warning triangle will appear next to it. Last Update: 02/13/2014

  • 70 How do I sync files between computers?

    If you have multiple computers you can sync your files between them using the Mypcbackup Sync Folder.

    All you have to do to sync files between computers is to download the Mypcbackup desktop application using the same logins as your main computer. There are no limits to the number of computers you can do this on.

    Once you have the desktop application installed on more than one computer you are ready to start syncing. All you need to do is drag and drop, copy and paste or use the right click context menu to move the files you want to sync into the Sync Folder.

    Once these files and folders have been synced they will instantly appear in the corresponding folder on your second computer. Any future devices that you install the application on will automatically retrieve existing synced files.

    Mypcbackup will automatically sync files in the Sync Folder without you having to do anything. There is no start sync button or any extra settings, everything will happen automatically for you. Last Update: 02/13/2014

  • 36 Can i run two versions of Mypcbackup on the same computer?

    Only one install of the application will work on a computer. Each time you try and install the application it will overwrite what is already installed.

    If you have a virtual machine though the app will install fine, the virtual will be seen on your Mypcbackup account as a completely separate, different device to the host computer. Last Update: 02/13/2014

  • 30 What is a system tray?

    Mypcbackup refers to the 'system tray' alot throughout it's instructional documentation. On a Windows computer the system tray is located in the bottom right hand corner of your screen next to the system clock.

    Your system tray is where you will be able to see Mypcbackup running and you will be able to access the site and settings menu from here. Last Update: 02/13/2014

  • 51 What do I need to change my Firewall setting to in order to allow Mypcbackup ?

    If your Firewall is blocking the Mypcbackup application you will need to allow the following hosts / ports: Port 80/443 Port 80/443

    You many also need to enter a destination IP: - - Last Update: 03/14/2013

  • 0 What is Reg Clean Pro?

    Reg Clean Pro is a registry cleaning application. It is free to try and scans and fixes any errors on your computer. It is possible you downloaded Mypcbackup at the same time as Reg Clean Pro.

    If you need support with Reg Clean Pro please email or call on 1-800-871-7918 (Toll-free for US and Canada). You can also visit their support pages on Last Update: 07/10/2013

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