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Mobile Apps Questions

  • 1 What Files can I view?

    Any files that you have backed up will preview in the Mypcbackup app presuming the file is supported by your iPad.

    Files can also be exported to 3rd party applications, when previewing a file simply click the icon that depicts an arrow leaving a box in the top right and select ‘Open In..’ from the menu. This will then display a list of apps that are capable of reading the file. Last Update: 02/20/2013

  • 9 How do I upload files?

    The Mypcbackup app can upload files from your iPad to your Mypcbackup account. Upon successfully uploading your files will be available within your account and therefore accessible through browser or to restore on other devices.

    By selecting your iPad from the My Devices list you can then upload photos and videos from your camera roll. To do this you will need a backup license for your iPad which costs £2.99 per year which is billed through the App Store. Once purchased your camera roll will automatically backup.

    By clicking the plus icon in the top right corner of the app you can quickly add a new note, a quick drawing, a voice memo or take and add a new photo to your Mypcbackup SyncFolder. Last Update: 02/20/2013

  • 1 How much can I store?

    The Mypcbackup app can save as many files as your iPad can hold or your Mypcbackup subscription allows. If you find you are getting close to your subscription limit please contact to discuss other options available. Last Update: 02/20/2013

  • 1 How do I share a file?

    Sharing files with others is easy on the Mypcbackup iPad app. Simply locate the file you want to share, click the icon in the top right corner depicting an arrow leaving a box and select ‘Share’ on the menu. This will then open up your control panel in Safari and allow you to enter the email address of a friend, family member or co-worker that you wish to share the file with. Last Update: 02/20/2013

  • 1 Can I add a passcode?

    Within the iPad application settings you can set up a Passcode so that every time the application is launched a passcode needs to be entered. To do this click the settings cog icon in the top right of the menu frame and select ‘Passcode Lock’ on Settings. Last Update: 02/20/2013

  • 2 How do I delete a file?

    To delete a file first simply locate it, and swipe your finger from left to right over the file and a delete button will appear. Last Update: 02/20/2013

  • 67 Is there an Android App?

    Mypcbackup now has an app in the Google Play Store for Android. The app will work on all Android mobile phones and Android tablets . Last Update: 02/11/2013

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