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Reseller Questions

  • 3 Is there a setup fee to join the Reseller Program?

    There are no setup fees to become a reseller. The only cost will be whatever monthly plan you pick and if you want to be co-branded or re-branded.

    Co-branding gives you freedom to use your own logo, customize the colors of the client control panel and make some application icon changes. The control panel will still say "Powered by Mypcbackup"

    Re-branding gives you full customization over logos, colour schemes, application icons, SSL usage and custom domain name usage for your clients control panel. There will be no reference to Mypcbackup and look completely like your own product. Last Update: 11/25/2014

  • 0 Is there a whitelabel option for resellers?

    Yes, we call it our Re-Branded option. We have different levels of branding with which you can view here:


    Un-Branded, you wouldn't be able to upload your logo or change the colors of the app or icons. (Free)

    Co-Branded - Upload you logo, 6 template color changes, some icon changes, but will say "Powered by Us" ($179.95 pa)

    Re-Branded - Same as Co-Branded but all reference to us is removed, so looks like your business. ($499.95pa) Last Update: 11/25/2014

  • 0 Do you bill in multiple currencies?

    We can bill you in US Dollars, GB Pound Sterling, Canadian Dollars, Euros or Australian Dollars.

    You can charge your clients with any currency you wish. Last Update: 05/27/2014

  • 0 Why should my clients trust you?

    Mypcbackup has been established in the cloud backup industry for several years now, over half a million users upload at least a file to our servers each day.

    Our personal account service is what you as a reseller will be providing your clients. All backed up data resides on Google Cloud Storage Servers, partnering with Google means we are proud to say we can offer a 99.99999% file security promise that no data will ever be lost.

    To ensure maximum protection, Mypcbackup stores multiple copies of data on multiple servers in multiple locations. Servers are housed in state-of-the-art data centers situated around the globe, ensuring no single point of failure.

    Data centers are vigilantly monitored around the clock, no less than 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and features include Ultra-Redundant Power, HVAC and Networking Systems. To further increase security protocol they’re specific whereabouts are not publicly disclosed. We use 256 bit SSL encryption on upload and during storage. Last Update: 11/25/2014

  • 0 Do you offer any training for resellers?

    We have a dedicated 24/7 tech support team assembled solely to serve our reseller clients, they are happy to assist with any technical questions you may have. Aside from email support there is a host of technical documentation on everything from marketing to API help available in the reseller control panel:

    We also have several video tutorials that show you around the reseller control panel.

    If you really urgently need to speak live with tech support we do offer live chat: Last Update: 11/25/2014

  • 1 Is an API available for Resellers?

    Yes, we have created some great API options to make your website and the Mypcbackup Control Panel work together nicely. More information on the API can be found in the Support section of the Reseller Control Panel. Last Update: 11/25/2014

  • 0 On other reseller programs I am required to pass a certification test to enrol in the program; do I have to with the your reseller program?

    No, you are not required to take any tests to become a Reseller with us. Last Update: 11/25/2014

  • 1 Do you offer unlimited storage?

    Yes and no, you as a reseller need to purchase a specific amount of space from Mypcbackup, but you can set up an Unlimited Plan for your clients if you wish. This will allow them to use as much space as available to them within your total space purchased. Last Update: 05/27/2014

  • 2 Are there any other hidden costs?

    No, you can view our prices below. The prices mentioned are the only prices you have to pay.

    Plan 500GB
    Pay monthly = $15.95
    Pay 3 months Upfront = $35.85 ($11.95)
    Pay 6 months Upfront = $65.70 ($10.95)
    Pay 12 months Upfront = $119.40 ($9.95)
    it is then $0.07per GB if you go over 500GB unless you upgrade to:

    Plan 1TB
    Pay monthly = $29.95
    Pay 3 months Upfront = $56.85 ($18.95)
    Pay 6 months Upfront = $107.70 ($17.95)
    Pay 12 months Upfront = $203.40 ($16.95)
    it is then $0.06per GB if you go over 1TB unless you upgrade to:

    Plan 2TB
    Pay monthly = $59.95
    Pay 3 months Upfront = $110.85 ($36.95)
    Pay 6 months Upfront = $215.70 ($35.95)
    Pay 12 months Upfront = $419.40 ($34.95)
    it is then $0.05per GB if you go over 2TB

    Additional costs:

    $0.49 per account per month
    $0.49 per license/device per month (first one free)
    $0.40 Sync Folder 5GB
    $0.75 Sync Folder Premium 10GB
    $0.99 Sync Folder Platinum 20GB
    $0.35 Previous Versions
    $0.55 Previous Versions Plus
    $0.25 Hourly Backup


    Un-Branded, you wouldn't be able to upload your logo or change the colours of the app or icons. (Free)

    Co-Branded - Upload you logo, 6 template colour changes, some icon changes, but will say "Powered by Us" ($179.95 pa)

    Re-Branded - Same as Co-Branded but all reference to us is removed, so looks like your business. ($499.95pa)

    Example: Un-Branded (Free) + you purchase 500GB and pay monthly. You have 5 clients. 1 client has 3 extra licenses/devices:

    500GB $15.95 + (5 clients x $0.49) $2.45 + (3 licenses x £0.49) $1.47 = $19.87/month Last Update: 11/25/2014

  • 0 Do I have to buy any hardware?

    As long as you have a computer and the internet, no other hardware is required to become a successful Mypcbackup Reseller. Last Update: 02/20/2013

  • 0 Do I have to supply my own website?

    Mypcbackup provide you with the tools to have your own cloud backup company only, this includes a branded version of the software application and a branded version of the online control panel. There is also a master control panel where you can control your customers, plans, space and branding.

    The tools are there to link the service in with your own website brilliantly, we don't provide any website building or hosting services help though. Last Update: 05/27/2014

  • 0 How do I become a Reseller with you?

    It’s very simple.
    Complete the reseller application, pick a plan and create your reseller account. Last Update: 02/20/2013

  • 0 How do I transfer my existing regular backup account from you to my reseller account?

    At the moment you are unable to transfer accounts to your reseller account. If you or your clients hold an account with Mypcbackup though, as long as the Mypcbackup account isn't deleted prior to re-backup under your reseller account, the backup will be lightning fast. Last Update: 11/25/2014

  • 0 How do I set up a login page on my own site?

    To do this your site will need to make a request to our API when the form is submitted, our API will verify it is good to go, or return there is a problem such as email address in use.

    More information on the API can be found in the Support section of the Reseller Control Panel. Last Update: 11/25/2014

  • 0 Do you provide customer support for our clients?

    You have to supply first level support to your clients. We will never contact your clients unless there is an issue with the Backup App that can't be resolved by yourself. You can create support tickets in your Reseller CP if you cannot assist your client. As a reseller, you are welcome to take information from our help centre that may assist your client and put this information on your own site, etc Last Update: 02/20/2013

  • 1 Do you charge us for actual usage of storage per customer and not for the package price like 250GB/month per customer?

    You are charged for the storage you buy, i.e 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, you then create plans for your clients and charge what you like. Last Update: 02/20/2013

  • 1 Do you handle our reseller customers if we decide to can cancel our reseller account?

    If you decide to cancel, your clients accounts will also be deleted. If you know this before hand, you could contact your clients and offer us as an alternative. Last Update: 02/20/2013

  • 1 How can we make profit if you offer very low price directly from your main backup site?

    There is always going to be competition out there, but all depends on how you market your business and get your clients. I don't know your circumstances, you might be in IT or a web designer who wants a bolt on service. But not everyone goes with the big companies. Last Update: 02/20/2013

  • 1 Is the Reseller service available in multiple languages?

    Over the next 12 months there will be big developments enabling multi-language support. At the moment the Windows and Mac apps are available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

    Soon the client control panel will be updated and have translate options identical to the app. Last Update: 05/27/2014

  • 0 Where can I get more information about the software application?

    We have an extensive help centre for the app:
    You can find most answers in the FAQ’s and Video Tutorials. You can use this information to assist you with your clients, if there is something a bit more technical you need to find out the reseller tech team will be more than happy to help over email: Last Update: 05/27/2014

  • 1 How many clients/accounts can I have?

    It is unlimited, you can have as many clients as you want that can fit into your storage plans. Last Update: 02/20/2013

  • 0 What is the difference between Co-Branded and Re-Branded, there is a big difference in price?

    The main difference is Co-Branded will have “Powered by Mypcbackup” on your clients Control Panel, Re-Branded will have all reference to Mypcbackup removed. The gap in the price is because we could have sold the program and software out to large companies for 60K-80K as a pure “whitelabel”. But we thought we would put this out to everyone, small, medium and large companies or even individuals. Of course it benefits us also. Removing all trace of us means our software looks like it’s actually yours. Remember, we’ve done all the hard work by creating the online backup software and the reseller program. Last Update: 05/27/2014

  • 0 How do I bill my clients and will you help us with this?

    You will need to either setup a payment gateway, Paypal , bank transfer or invoice your clients. Unfortunately we will be unable to assist creating your billing system for your clients to use. Last Update: 02/20/2013

  • 0 Will the mobile app for my clients be branded with my logo etc?

    We have made a generic looking mobile application for reseller clients to use that mimics the functionality of the Mypcbackup mobile app.

    Search either the Apple or Google Play store for 'MyOnline Storage' Last Update: 05/27/2014

  • 2 Does the Sync space count as part of my storage space?

    No, the sync space is separate from your storage space, so this will not eat into your backup space. Last Update: 05/27/2014

  • 3 I’ve been asked to get the error logs to assist an issue, how do I do this?

    One of the best ways for us to find the fault is to take a look through some error logs within the application to see exactly where the problem lies.

    Windows PC

    Please follow these steps:

    1. Hold Ctrl + Right click on the Application icon in your system tray. (The system tray is in the bottom right of your screen, where your clock/time is located)

    2. From the menu that appears click 'Generate Troubleshooting Data'

    3. This will create a zip file on your desktop which contains all the information we need to troubleshoot the problem.

    Please attach these files in your reply and we will pass this on to our development team for investigation.

    Mac OS X

    1. Open Finder

    2 .Click on Applications

    3. Right click (Ctrl + Click) on Mypcbackup and select 'Show Package Contents'

    4 . In the new finder window open 'Contents' then 'Resources'

    In the folder should be an icon titled 'Zip Logs' if you launch this it will create a zip file onto your desktop which contains the application log files we use to identify and resolve issues.

    Please attach these files in your reply and we will pass this on to our Mac development team for investigation. Last Update: 02/13/2014

  • 2 I wish to cancel my reseller account, how do I do this?

    Sorry to hear you wish to leave the program. Please send a support ticket from your reseller panel. Please state your reason for leaving, as any feedback, positive or negative is welcome to help us for the future. Your request will then be put forward to the cancellation department. Last Update: 02/20/2013

  • 0 How do I receive payment from my clients? Do you charge my clients and send us the money?

    You have to bill your own clients via your own payment gateway. We do not supply any automated billing pages for you. Last Update: 02/20/2013

  • 1 Can you install the backup on a server? Will it work with SQL and MS Exchange?

    At the moment our backup isn't stable on a server so couldn't guarantee it would work in exchange and SQL.

    We haven't tested it on a server properly, so not at the moment. However, we are planning this for 2015. Last Update: 02/13/2014

  • 0 Do we get billed monthly for suspended accounts on our system (resellers panel)?

    Yes you still get billed, the suspended state is for your benefit to stop the customers service to chase payment.

    The only way to not pay, is to delete the customer.

    The space, i.e 30GB, regardless whether or not someone doesn’t use the backup, still costs us money each month, so needs to be paid monthly. Last Update: 02/13/2014

  • 2 Can a reseller client backup files from network location?

    Network location backup is possible with Mypcbackup, it is not something resellers can restrict and offer as an upgrade, so resellers clients can backup network locations. Last Update: 05/27/2014

  • 4 There is an error when my client tries to download the backup app?

    You have to build your software app to create the link for your clients.

    In your control panel on the left bottom hand side is a link “Build your Software”, here you can build the Windows and Mac software applications.

    Your backup download links will appear and your clients will be able to now download your backup app.

    The left hand link should now say “software download links” Last Update: 05/27/2014

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