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  • 3 Is there a setup fee to join the Reseller Program?

    There are no setup fees to become a reseller. The only cost will be whatever monthly plan you pick and if you want to be co-branded or re-branded.

    Co-branding gives you freedom to use your own logo, customize the colors of the client control panel and make some application icon changes. The control panel will still say "Powered by Mypcbackup"

    Re-branding gives you full customization over logos, colour schemes, application icons, SSL usage and custom domain name usage for your clients control panel. There will be no reference to Mypcbackup and look completely like your own product. Last Update: 05/27/2014

  • 187 How much does Mypcbackup cost?

    Mypcbackup offers different plans depending on how much space is required.

    We offer 2 year, 1 year, semi-annual and monthly pricing plans. The longer you sign up for though the cheaper it works out in the long run.

    Home 75GB plan - 4.49 per month for 2 years (total charge 107.71)
    Premium 250GB plan - 4.95 per month for 2 years (total charge 118.85)
    Unlimited Plan - 6.95 per month for 2 years (total charge 166.85)

    Please contact for a full breakdown of prices and any current discounts available. Last Update: 02/20/2013

  • 183 How do I restore my files?

    Any files you have backed up from any of your devices can be restored to any other device you want. There are three ways to restore files:

    1) On a desktop app, click the restore button – this will allow you to select where on your computer you would like the restore to go – here you can restore multiple or all files so it may take some time, depending on how much you have backed up. Files and folders will be restored in the exact same structure they were backed up in. You can install the app on any computer you wish and restore backed up files at no extra cost.

    2) If you would like to restore an individual file or only a few – Login to your online account and click on 'My Backups', select from the drop down menu the device which the files reside under, flick through your files and folders until you see the file(s) you wish to restore, simply hover over the file(s) and click download. This will begin download of the file and most likely save in your Downloads folder.

    3) We also support FTP download of files and folders. If you have an FTP client (such as free app FileZilla) you can easily add your backup account and access your data.

    FTP Host:
    Port: 21
    Username: Your account email address
    Password: Your account password Last Update: 02/13/2014

  • 0 What if I want to back up more devices than allowed for in my plan?

    You can easily purchase additional licenses through your Admin control panel. Simply click on the link on the left-hand side of the page. Here you may also purchase additional space if necessary. Last Update: 03/22/2013

  • 0 What if I want to back up more data than allowed for in my plan?

    You can easily purchase additional space through your Admin control panel. Simply click on the link on the left-hand side of the page. Here you may also purchase additional licenses if necessary. Last Update: 03/22/2013

  • 102 How do I install Mypcbackup?

    To install Mypcbackup simply visit and run the installer. Use your logins to complete the signup wizard and you are ready to back up. Last Update: 02/20/2013

  • 37 What happens if my affiliate account shows a negative net balance?

    Your pay-check will be negative if your customers refund what they have purchased through you. This might happen from time to time. For example in a 2 weeks period your pay-check might show a negative earning. You will not be asked to repay your commission from the previous pay-check to offset this balance. However, you are required to wait until new customers make sale to offset your negative balance. You will not receive a new commission payment until your balance is back to positive. Last Update: 02/20/2013

  • 79 I have an unrecognized or unauthorized charge, what can I do?

    If you have a charge from, or that is unrecognized, unauthorized or completely unfamiliar to you, rest assured, we are more than happy to refund it back to you and investigate how it could have occurred.

    You can email us at or, if you would prefer, you can call us on:

    US - 1-888-851-0954
    UK - 0333-370-6510
    EU - 0044-844-445-7025
    AU - 61-1-800-039-220
    CA - 1-888-247-1610
    International - 001-888-851-0954

    Please note that discussing an unrecognized charge with us will result in a much quicker refund that raising an investigation through a card provider, we fully understand the distress an unrecognized charge can cause and our friendly staff are there to get the situation resolved. Last Update: 10/16/2014

  • 91 Missing files

    If you appear to be missing files on your online account, you may need to check that the files you wish to backup have been selected manually. To do this, simply click Backup Settings on your application. Once clicked, select the Tab called File Selection. Then select "Manual Selection" - This will pop a window, where you are able to see what files have already been selected as well as selecting new files to backup.

    Once complete, simply click OK, followed by apply.

    Then Simply go back to the App and select - Backup, this should now backup the files that have just been selected in addition to ones that were already selected. Last Update: 03/06/2014

  • 0 Why has my subscription auto renewed?

    As standard, accounts with Mypcbackup are set to automatically renew.

    Mypcbackup Auto-Renewal is the best way to ensure your computer and important files remain backed up and that that backup is always up to date. With auto-renewal your My PC Backup account will be automatically extended prior to the expiration date, this means renewals are seamless and your scheduled, automated backups continue to run, uninterrupted.

    To find out more please visit

    If you don't recognise a charge, don't panic, we will get the money back to you and ensure no further funds are taken. Please visit for more information. Last Update: 09/02/2014

  • 105 I chose the wrong plan

    Please don't worry if you have accidentally purchased the wrong plan. Just contact our support team and we will immediately upgrade or downgrade you to the correct plan and if necessary refund the difference back to you.

    From time to time we hear from our customers that they accidentally chose the wrong plan. Our order form displays the equivalent monthly price then immediately displays the term it is paid over next to it. I.e. it displays 4.95 for the 2 year plan but is billed up front, thus charging you 118.80.

    We try to make this as clear as possible and are trying to help our customers by offering a cheaper price for a longer commitment.

    Email us at or call us on:
    US - 1-888-851-0954
    UK - 0333-370-6510
    EU - 0044-844-445-7025
    AU - 61-1-800-039-220
    CA - 1-888-247-1610
    International - 001-888-851-0954. Last Update: 02/13/2014

  • 53 Why do you keep taking funds from my PayPal account?

    By default when you have chosen to pay via PayPal a PayPal subscription will be set up.

    A PayPal subscription is a recurring payment of which the billing frequency and amount are defined by us but it is completely controlled by the owner of the PayPal account.

    Therefore if you choose to pay by an alternative payment method or change the billing frequency of your account it is vital you change or cancel any PayPal subscriptions you have set up to pay us.

    If you have cancelled your Mypcbackup account with us but have left your PayPal subscription running and then been billed don't panic, we fully understand the situation and would request that you email and let us know either your PayPal email address or the PayPal Unique Transaction ID(s). We can then easily refund these back to you and guide you through cancelling the subscription if need be.
    Last Update: 02/20/2013

  • 55 Why should I use Mypcbackup instead of an external hard drive?

    There are some dangers in using an external hard drive for backup which do not exist when using a cloud service:

    - Just like a primary hard drive, external drives can and will one day fail

    - Experts recommend backed up data should be kept a minimum of 250 metres away from the original data in case of fire or water damage

    - External hard drives can be stolen, not only meaning your back up will be gone but your sensitive data will be available to the thief!

    - External hard drives that don’t require an extra plug all drain laptop batteries, those that do need a plug socket are cumbersome to use on the move

    - Backing up to an external drive requires input from you, our software is automated and means your data is kept up to date in the cloud

    We maintain secure Google Cloud Storage data servers which cannot lose your data, your data is not only safe but also secure – it is encrypted and no one but you can access it. Last Update: 04/30/2013

  • 82 What is the difference between sync and backup?

    File syncing and computer backup are two very different features. It is important to not confuse the two.

    Backup: takes a copy of the file and uploads it to our servers for safe keeping, you can get your files back at any time if you accidentally delete or lose a file by downloading from the online control panel or restoring via the desktop application.

    Sync: Allows you to sync the same files between multiple computers, syncing mirrors a folder on one computer on another.

    The two features are very different. Please note that Mypcbackup offers unlimited backup space, not unlimited sync space. Whilst Mypcbackup allows you to sync between an unlimited number of computers your paid license only allows you to backup one machine. You are able to purchase an additional license for a second computer with unlimited backup space for only 24.95 a year. Last Update: 02/20/2013

  • 35 Do you backup my emails?

    We certainly do, all you need to do is ensure that the email folder is selected in the 'backup selection' tab located in the application's 'backup settings'.

    Archived email files can be very large so please allow adequate time for Mypcbackup to back them all up.

    In Outlook you can locate the archive file by right-clicking on your Mailbox folder, this is normally the top level folder on the left hand side the the 'Mail Folders' file tree.

    There may be an option on the right click menu called 'Open File location' this will open the containing folder of your emails and mailbox folders.

    If this option is not on the menu you will need to click 'Properties' and then 'Advanced' it should display the Filename or File path of where the files are located.

    If you cannot locate the files please email confirming the version of Outlook, or any other email client, and we will find out where the files are located for you. Last Update: 02/20/2013

  • 20 How do I disable my Firewall?

    Windows XP Firewall

    Windows Vista Firewall

    Windows 7 Firewall

    Windows 8 Firewall

    Trend Micro Internet Security 2009

    Norton 360 (by Symantec)
    Start Norton 360, click Firewall Protection Settings, Under Firewall, click Off, click Apply. Under "How long should the firewall remain turned off?" select Until I turn back on, and then click OK.

    Right-click on the McAfee system tray icon, navigate to the Change Settings sub-menu and Select Firewall. On the Firewall settings page click 'Turn Off'

    Right-click on the Zone Alarm system tray icon, select 'Shutdown Zone Alarm' from the sub-menu. A warning message will appear confirming the shutdown, click 'Yes'. Last Update: 05/13/2013

  • 223 My backup has stopped/frozen

    It is important to note that before taking any of the following steps that if the program is backing up consecutive large files the application may appear as if it has frozen, please pay close attention to the progress bars as it can take up to a day to back up a very large file depending on your internet upload speed.

    In rare instances fast intermittent breaks in connectivity can stop the backup service from running.

    If you a Windows user and are convinced that your backup has completely frozen please do the following:

    - Ensure that your application is up to date.
    - Restart your computer - if this doesn't work continue to next step.
    - Hold down the 'windows' key and press 'R'
    - Type 'services.msc' into the run box and hit enter
    - In the services window locate 'computer backup' and right click on it
    - Click 'start' and your backup should commence.

    If you're backup continues to not work please try these steps one at a time until a resolution is found.

    The following may also help:

    1.Temporarily disable Windows Firewall
    2.Temporarily disable Windows Defender
    3.Temporarily disable any anti-virus programs
    4.Close any programs that may be continually attempting to access and lock your computer files.
    5.Refresh your Internet connection by rebooting your router/modem.
    6.Ensure your hard drive is not full or close to being full.

    If problems persist email detailing as much as possible about your operating system, the application version you are using and what of the above steps you have taken in order to resolve the situation. Last Update: 04/04/2013

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