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My computer appears twice on my account, why?

Seeing the same device listed twice on your account means one of the following things has happened:

- Windows has been reinstalled on your computer since reinstalling Mypcbackup
- A new hard drive or motherboard has been installed in your computer since reinstalling Mypcbackup
- A bug has occurred with our device recognition since you reinstalled Mypcbackup

Each time the application is installed on a device a check is carried out to see if that device the app is being installed on already exists on your Mypcbackup account. This check looks at ID numbers of hardware inside your computer (such as hard drive and motherboard) and also the MAC address.

If these checks do not match a device already on your account a new, fresh device instance is created on your account. We are aware this can be confusing and in few instances does occur without reason.

To avoid confusion between old and new device instances, I would begin by ensuring they have different names so that it is easy to tell them apart on the account. On the app, click Settings > Account Details and add ‘(new)’ to the device name and click OK.

Your backup license will need to be transferred from your old device instance to the new device instance in order to backup, this is done from the control panel:
On this page you will see your device listed twice:

- Device Name
- Device Name (new)

To transfer the license to the new instance of your device click the button labelled ‘Add+’, on the right hand side of the lightbox that appears you can select the device you wish to transfer a backup license from. Once you have selected the old device instance in the drop down and clicked ‘Transfer license’ the transfer should happen in a matter of minutes.

Back on the application, click on Settings and then OK and this should force communication with the server and then the app will see the newly assigned license.

Each instance of a device is completely independent from another – therefore if the files selected for backup are the same on the new device instance as what was backed up from the old device instance then the app will back these up again and effectively you will be using double the space usage.

However, the backup of these files should be very quick if they are the same as what was backed up under the old device instance.

Once you are happy your new device instance backup mirrors that of the old device instance backup, you can delete the old device instance and thus free up the backup space it takes up. To do this visit this page and click on the old device instance, then click ‘Settings’ and at the bottom of the options you can delete the device from the account completely. Please, please ensure you are deleting the correct device here. It is vitally important to name you new device instance so you can clearly differentiate them.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue and rest assured our development team are working towards improving it. Regrettably there is no other way round this issue other than what I have outlined above, we cannot merge the devices or associate your current app install with the old device instance.