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I have an unrecognized or unauthorized charge, what can I do?

If you have a charge from, or that is unrecognized, unauthorized or completely unfamiliar to you, rest assured, we are more than happy to refund it back to you and investigate how it could have occurred.

You can email us at or, if you would prefer, you can call us on:

US - 1-888-851-0954
UK - 0333-370-6510
EU - 0044-333-370-6510
AU - 1-800-039-220
CA - 1-888-851-0954
International - 001-888-851-0954

Please note that discussing an unrecognized charge with us will result in a much quicker refund that raising an investigation through a card provider, we fully understand the distress an unrecognized charge can cause and our friendly staff are there to get the situation resolved.