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Do you backup my emails?

We certainly do, all you need to do is ensure that the email folder is selected in the 'backup selection' tab located in the application's 'backup settings'.

Archived email files can be very large so please allow adequate time for Mypcbackup to back them all up.

In Outlook you can locate the archive file by right-clicking on your Mailbox folder, this is normally the top level folder on the left hand side the the 'Mail Folders' file tree.

There may be an option on the right click menu called 'Open File location' this will open the containing folder of your emails and mailbox folders.

If this option is not on the menu you will need to click 'Properties' and then 'Advanced' it should display the Filename or File path of where the files are located.

If you cannot locate the files please email confirming the version of Outlook, or any other email client, and we will find out where the files are located for you.