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How long will it take to backup my files?

It depends on the amount of data you have stored on your device and how fast your Internet connection is. (Remember you are uploading not downloading)

We advise on an average internet connection upload of 4-8GB per day, this is many cases is seriously quick compared to other backup providers.

We use the highest level technology in Google Cloud Storage servers to offer you the fastest backup service possible.

A lifetime of photos, documents and music will take some time to be securely stored remotely.

Once the initial backup has completed future backups will take minutes if not seconds.

If you are looking to backup music and photos then please allow a few days for your backup based on the average users upload speed.

We have developed innovative encryption technology which allows us to upload small pieces of data for any changes to existing backed up documents. Giving you ability to restore previous versions and speed up your future backups.

We advise you to turn off any sleep settings you may have set on this computer, and make sure it is not turned off during this first backup.