My backups are too slow

The initial backup will generally run at a speed of 4-8GB per 24 hours, this is depending on your internet upload speed of course. In a lot of instances; this is considerably faster than our competitors. The key thing to remember is once your initial backup is out of the way, only a tiny amount of data will be changing each time between backups - so when the next upload takes place, it will be really quick.

We advise to turn off any sleep settings that you may have on the computer, make sure that your internet connection is not disrupted or that your computer is not turned off during this time. Once the initial backup is complete, backups after this time will take minutes if not seconds - only the changed parts of files are uploaded each time.

Please ensure that only the relevant files you need backed up are selected for backup, remember if you have selected to back up your entire computer there may be several files selected unnecessarily. It would be worth familiarizing yourself with the options in Settings to ensure the backup runs exactly how you want it to and as quickly as possible.

It may be worth running a free test of your internet upload speed. (It will show this at the end of the process and takes no more than a minute to do) – Once complete, reply to this email with the result and we can advise further. Your internet speed will most likely fluctuate throughout the day, you may find it is quicker to run your initial backup at night when there is generally less traffic on your network and your ISP's exchange.

We can also recommend purchasing our Supercharged Backup add-on service. Accounts with the Supercharged add-on service will run on a higher spec cluster server. For backups with a large number of files, the additional resources can contribute significantly to the backup speed. Supercharged Flow infrastructure has 4 times the number of vCPUs per machine.