Installation and Setup

This article will guide you through setting up MyPCBackup from the beginning, so let's get started.


If you haven't already, you need to download and install MyPCBackup. Once the download has completed the install process will most likely begin automatically. If not, simply access the browser downloads folder and double click on the MyPCBackup setup file. Once the installation has completed, an email address and password for a MyPCBackup account needs to be entered to continue. If you haven’t created an account yet, simply click the link in the bottom left of the login screen to bring up the Just Cloud sign up window.

Choosing Folders to Sync

There are two options available when choosing your backup folders: Backup My Documents which simply means the contents of the My Documents folder will be backed up, or Custom Selection which means you can pick and choose the exact files and folders you want to backup.

On most computers documents, pictures, music and videos are saved within the My Documents folder (Documents on Mac). However, we have included the custom selection option for users who may have more than one hard drive, want to backup flash drives, or backup files located elsewhere on their hard disk. Selecting Custom Selection will open a window displaying the folder and file structure on the computer.

Please note that application data and installed software cannot be backed up. There is no problem in backing up installer files though.

Running your first backup

Once you've selected your folders, you need to let MyPCBackup run for the first time. To ensure this goes smoothly, make sure that your computer is allowed to stay awake and connected to the internet, by disabling sleep on the computer. You can check the status of your uploads/downloads during this process, by checking the progress bar.

Backing up with MyPCBackup, or any other online cloud backup service for that matter does initially require some patience. The main thing to remember is that after the initial backup is complete, all future backups will be much faster. This is because Just Cloud will only backup files that have changed since the last backup.

Adding additional computers and mobile devices

If you have other computers, you'll want to get them set up right away too. The app can be installed on any number of your computers and you can still use the sync folder and restore files without an additional license. You will need additional licenses if you wish to run backups on additional computers though.

To install MyPCBackup on your Android or iOS devices, download MyPCBackup from the Play store or App store respectively, then sign in with your MyPCBackup username (your email address) and your password.