Selecting files for backup

You can backup practically any files you want. There are two options for choosing files either to back up the contents of your My Documents (Documents on Mac) folder or pick and choose the files and folders you want to backup. This is done in the MyPCBackup application by clicking Settings > Selection.

On most Windows & Mac computers documents, pictures, music, and videos are saved within the My Documents (Documents on Mac) folder. However, we have included the custom selection option for users who may have more than one hard drive, want to backup flash drives or backup files located elsewhere on their hard disk.

MyPCBackup is a backup service for your data, so you can choose to backup a combination of documents, emails, music, pictures, movies and much, much more.

Please note that application data and installed software cannot be backed up. There is no problem in backing up installer files though.

On mobile devices, when you first install MyPCBackup, you choose whether you wish to keep your camera roll folder backed up and can also choose other photo albums. Backup on mobile devices is limited to photos and video files stored on the device.

Once you have selected files and folders for backup any changes to those files, or new file additions to folders, will be uploaded in the next scheduled backup.