Why haven't you backed up my new files?

If there is any doubt that a file isn't being backed up, please first ensure that file is selected for backup in Settings. (Selection > Custom Selection)

MyPCBackup will backup your files once per day with the default schedule settings. If you have added a new file or amended an existing file within your backup selection it will be backed up when your application is scheduled to run.

You can, however, back up a file immediately by dragging that file onto the application or clicking backup now.

If you are sure your files are selected for backup and are not being uploaded during a backup please consider the following:

  • Checking Settings > Restrictions and ensuring the files in question don't exceed the maximum file size setting
  • Check Settings > Restrictions and ensuring the file extension of the files in question is not listed in the Excluded File Types list
  • Check that the file isn't in use by another program during the backup. If there is no way around it being open, enable VSS in Settings > Volume Shadow Copy
  • If you have recently deleted the file on the Control Panel and are now attempting to re-upload it, please allow 24 hours from deletion before attempting re-upload